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Sept. 11, 2006 -- A few tips received while the editor was in New York City today resulted in a late edition of WMR.

publication date: Apr 24, 2007
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Sept. 11, 2006 -- A few tips received while the editor was in New York City today resulted in a late edition of WMR. They required some "shoe leather" investigative journalism, something that is extremely lacking today in the "news media."

According to well-informed police sources in New Jersey, on the evening of September 10, 2001, the four men who would, the following morning, hijack United Flight 93 en route from Newark Liberty International Airport to San Francisco, were living it up in a Wayne, New Jersey strip club called "Lace." The four hijackers, Ziad Jarrah (Lebanese), the pilot, and three Saudis: Ahmed al-Haznawi, Ahmed al-Nami, and Saeed al-Ghamdi were later pegged by U.S. authorities as extreme Wahhabi Muslim followers of Osama bin Laden. However, the security videotape from "Lace" showed the four to be far from pious followers of Wahhabism. In what seemingly appears to be an attempt by the Bush administration to keep the myth alive that the hijackers were fanatic Muslims, the FBI confiscated the security tape from "Lace" and it was never identified or discussed in the official 911 Commission report. That security video tape joins a number of others -- including those from the area around the Pentagon showing the impact of American Airlines 77 into the building and a Jersey City video rental store across Kennedy Boulevard from the El Salaam Mosque -- that have been confiscated by the FBI. The El Salaam Mosque is where both the 1993 and 2001 World Trade Center attackers were active prior to each attack. The Kennedy Boulevard video store video tapes showing Saudi hijackers and Israeli Urban Moving Systems Israeli agents patronizing the store were seized as evidence by the FBI and the store's computer hard drive, with the names, addresses, and phone numbers of video rental customers, was stolen in a "black bag" operation believed to have been carried out by the FBI.


United Flight 93 "Wahhabi Muslim extremists" and followers of Osama Bin Laden spent their last night living it up at this Wayne, New Jersey strip club. FBI suppressed critical video evidence of these hijackers "lap dancing" their way into "paradise."

A warehouse located at 3 West 18th Street in Weehawken, New Jersey, where a group of Israeli intelligence agents operating under cover as movers and staged a series of false flag operations on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, attracted the constant attention today of a roving Weehawken police cruiser. The warehouse, which was leased to Urban Moving Systems, an Israeli-owned firm, was discovered to have contained pipes, wires, detonators, blasting caps, fertilizer-fuel compounds, and traces of anthrax by the FBI after an Urban Moving Systems van with five Israelis, spotted earlier photographing the World Trade Center before the first plane struck the North Tower, was stopped by East Rutherford, New Jersey police. Dressed as Arabs and seen by witnesses celebrating the attacks, the five Israelis earned the nickname "the dancing Israelis."

The East Rutherford police stopped the Israeli van based on an FBI national "Be On Lookout" (BOLO) notice issued earlier on the morning of 911. When asked if he recalled the incident, the Weehawken police officer told WMR that the local police had no role in the investigation of the warehouse after the FBI stepped in to assert Federal jurisdiction in the case. The FBI permitted the owner of Urban Moving Systems, Dominick Suter, known to be a Mossad agent, to flee the country after his five employees were arrested for suspicion of involvement with the 911 attack. Suter's name also showed up on a U.S. government watch list of 911 suspects that also contained the names of the hijackers and several of their interlocutors. After being held in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn for 71 days, the Israelis were permitted to fly home to Israel, a decision prompted -- over the objection of the CIA -- by pressure being applied on the Bush administration by then-Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert and New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. WMR has reported that Suter later re-entered the United States and was working for a Florida-based aircraft parts supply company.

Former Urban Moving Systems warehouse and immediate neighborhood in Weehawken, NJ subject of constant police surveillance on 5th anniversary of 911 attacks.

Tomorrow . . . a report on nuclear radiation contamination at Ground Zero.