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Daryl Bradford Smith interviews Christopher Bollyn

Bollyn exposes the fraud behind Universal Pictures movie, United 93. He also exposes the Zionist connections to the corrupt city government in Cleveland, where local news reporters wrote that Flight 93 landed at the Cleveland airport and were taken to a NASA building.

He shows the evidence that the Zionists -- not the Jesuits -- are the masterminds of 9/11. 

A lot of important information in this interview! 

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Bollyn, May 11, 2006   6.8 mb

Some of the issues discussed:
Bollyn's new article:
The Hollywood Fantasy of Flight 93

Bollyn has an earlier article of the eyewitnesses he talked to in Shanksville indicate that military aircraft were flying around the area where Flight 93 supposedly crashed:;read=74928

There is no evidence to accuse the Vatican for 9/11, the attack on the USS Liberty, the World Wars, or the Federal Reserve System:

Instead, the evidence shows that Greg Szymanski, Eric Jon Phelps, Phil Jayhan, and other people who blame the Catholics are trying to protect the Zionists.

Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, Phil Berg, Bob Bowman, and are also protecting Zionists. Have you listened to the excerpt of Alex Jones near the bottom of this page:

These people are not naive; they are deliberately avoiding the issue of Zionism. Have you looked into the issue of Crypto Jews:

These Zionist Deniers are part of the criminal network! Remember their names!