The murder of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy

researched by

Dr. Neville Thomas Jones, Ph.D.



On the 22nd November, 1963, the United States President, John F. Kennedy, was murdered in Dallas, Texas. The method of assassination was a single gunshot to the head. Someone travelling in Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson's car, immediately behind the president's limousine, was filming the whole thing (as the following still demonstrates)!


Lyndon 'Lyin' Johnson was a Zionist Jew and became the unelected President of the United States at the instant of the real President's death.

Another Jew, Abraham Zapruder, was standing in exactly the right place to capture the murder of President Kennedy on cine film. The Zapruder family subsequently made a fortune selling the rights to this piece of film to the American government.


The Zapruder film

Using a Bell and Howell 414PD 8mm roll-film movie camera, Zapruder caught the assassination from the side of the limousine closest to the president. The owner's manual for this model of cine camera quoted the film speed as 16 frames per second (fps). However, the FBI claimed that Zapruder's camera was running at 18.3 fps in their tests, seemingly confirmed by the camera manufacturers, Bell and Howell (whose independent tests produced a speed of slightly over 18 fps). (Roland Zavada).

Several copies (at least 4) of the film were made by Zapruder, of which one was taken by the FBI.

The film was not seen by the public until twelve years after it was taken, when it was aired on a late-night talk show in America. Today it appears in many places and forms on the Internet (YouTube, for example), and is used here as the basis of the photographic evidence examined.


From which direction was JFK shot in the head?

Zapruder frame 313 captures the instant of JFK's assassination. Analysis of subsequent frames, such as 326 (below), show no sign of any blood, brain tissue or skull fragments on the back seat of the presidential limousine, nor on its boot. From this we deduce that JFK was not shot from the back. Also, if the bullet passed right through his head, as seems almost certain, then, by this lack of morbid debris, he could not have been shot from the front either.


This leaves only three possible directions: from the left side, the right side, or upwards through his head.


Exiting projectiles

Viewing Zapruder's film at normal speed, something flies out upwards and to the right from President Kennedy's head when he receives the fatal shot. In frames 313 and 314, two distinct projectiles, slightly separated but travelling in the same direction, can clearly be seen. Both of these ejections have flown out of the camera's field of view by the time that frame 315 is captured.



The leading projectile, number 1, has travelled (235 - 34) - (146 - 38) pixels in the +ve x-direction and (415 - 110) - (408 - 297) pixels in the +ve y-direction, in the time between these two frames being captured (0.0625s at 16 fps, or 0.0546s at 18.3 fps). I.e., its speed is between 3,442.24 and 3,940.29 pixels per second.

President Kennedy was 6'1" tall (Wallechinsky & Wallace). Using the full-length photo of JFK in Berlin (Freie Universitaet, 26th June, 1963), and having calculated the line AB in frame 313 to be 30.23 pixels, it can be shown that the projectile material was leaving the top of President Kennedy's head at a minimum* speed of between 31.6 and 36.2 metres per second (equivalent to between 104 and 119 ft/s).

* This is a minimum value because frames 313 and 314 are two-dimensional images providing no depth information.



Frames 312 to 317, inclusive, of the Zapruder film are reproduced here, having been contrast-enhanced and converted to greyscale images, in order to highlight a definite puff of smoke right next to the left side of the President's head.

The smoke rapidly expands and dissipates in about 3 tenths of a second (0.2732s at 18.3 fps and 0.3125s at 16 fps), being just discernable in the last frame of this sequence.

Material from the head wound has exited at high speed, as we have observed, and would not wispily linger in the air as smoke does. Moreover, it is evident that this smoke has an initial component of velocity in the horizontal direction equal to that of the limousine and that this component is slowed by air resistance (compare the expanding smoke cloud with the white object on the lawn and with the fixed features of the president's car, such as the top of the rear seat). The separation between the smoke cloud and the white object on the grass decreases at a rate that is very slightly less than the rate at which the white object is perceived to travel with respect to the limousine.

Neither John nor Jackie Kennedy are smoking a cigarette. The smoke has been caused by some explosive reaction, such as the detonation of a firearm cartridge. Such smoke remains where the gun is; it does not travel with the bullet. The fact that this smoke appears in the sequence at the same time as the fatal injury, and that it emanates from the left-hand-side of JFK's head, where Jackie Kennedy has positioned herself, means that President Kennedy was killed by his wife.

I am not the first to reach this conclusion. This view is shared by someone calling themselves 'Nohup' who, in a public forum on 3rd April 2008, wrote "After studying the Zapruder film for nearly 20 years, I've come to the conclusion that the only person verified to have the access and angle to have delivered the fatal gunshot to JFK was Jackie Kennedy. The telltale sign is right before his head explodes, where she moves forward with something in her hand."

There is no doubt, if one studies the Zapruder film running at normal speed, that Mrs. Kennedy seems to whip something quickly down the rear seat after her husband is shot, before she clambers out onto the boot. (Johnson had the whole of the presidential limousine immediately ripped out and shredded, before having the car re-fitted and using it for himself.)


Furthermore, a lamp post has been superimposed onto a number of frames, so as to obstruct a good view of the president and his wife in frame 271 and/or 272:


This lamp post, together with a conveniently obscuring traffic sign, have apparently been removed by the Dallas authorities.


Jackie Kennedy

Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy (nee Bouvier) was a Jewess, a fact well hidden, but revealed by her cousin/step-brother, Gore Vidal, in his autobiography:

"... the ethnic surprise buried deep inside Gore Vidal's much-hyped autobiography, ... 'Palimpsest: A Memoir,' ... [is that Jackie Kennedy's] mother, Janet, was Jewish. Janet, who had Jackie with her husband John 'Black Jack' Bouvier, eventually divorced him and married Hugh Auchincloss, who was also Vidal's stepfather.

"In the book, ... Vidal offhandedly writes on page 372, 'One should note that the first of Hughdie's (Hugh Dudley Auchincloss) three high-powered wives was Russian, the second my mother, the third Jackie's mother, Janet, born Lee or, as my mother used to observe thoughtfully, Levy.' Vidal continues, 'Apparently, Janet's father had changed his name in order to become the first Jew to be a vice president of the Morgan bank. My mother wondered how Hughdie, a quiet but sincere anti-Semite, would respond when he found out.' As for Janet Lee, he writes she used to say she was 'of the Virginia Lees'...until the real Lees ordered her to shut up.'..." (Ahmed Rami quoting from the New York Post of 9th November, 1995.)

Peter Kurth during his very brief review of Christopher Andersen's book, "Jackie After Jack," writes: "America's grieving first widow, during those terrible Four Days in November, was chain-smoking Salems and shot up on speed. She was also entertaining everyone in earshot with the grisly details of Kennedy's death, compelled ... to describe the way his head blew off in her lap, how she tried to stick the skull back on in the hope it would keep him alive, how Texas Gov. John Connally was 'squealing like a stuck pig,' etc. (For the record, she did not remember trying to crawl out of the car.)"


The weapon

According to his long-term mistress, who bore him a son, Johnson was sure the day before this atrocity took place that President J.F. Kennedy was going to be killed whilst being driven through Dallas. This implies that he knew there would be no untoward problem with the assassin, since she would be right next to her victim. However, a sophisticated weapon, such as a Smith & Wesson semi-automatic handgun, could quite possibly jam at the predetermined moment, spoiling Johnson's (and his backers) murderous plan. At such close range, however, a simple, crude pistol would be all that was required.

Something like this Deringer (more often spelt with a double 'r') would thus have been chosen; an extremely simple, easily concealed, one shot, miniture cannon.


"The .41 rimfire cartridge was created for use in small Derringer type pistols. The .41 rimfire round was very slow, 13 grains of black powder propelling a 130 grain lead bullet at 425 feet per second, yielding a muzzle energy of 52 ft lb." (Cushman).

If the leading projectile captured in frames 313 and 314 of Zapruder's cine film was indeed the bullet from a .41 calibre rimfire cartridge, then its analysed speed of at least 104-119 ft/s is commensurate with an accelerated lump of lead that has lost kinetic energy during its passage through human tissue, and in particular in breaking through the skull.

Just such a single shot, .41 calibre pistol was used to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln in 1865, again at point-blank range, again by his wife, and again with the blame attached to some patsie. How Talmudic Jews love this sort of repetition.

Look again at frame 326, above. Does this small-barrelled pistol not remarkably resemble what Jacqueline Kennedy seems to be holding in her right hand?



A little later that same day, 22nd November 1963, on board Air Force One, Johnson was sworn in as U.S. President in his home state of Texas, with a composed Jewess, Jacqueline Bouvier, faithfully by his left side and another Jewess (his wife, Ladybug) on his right side.


How do you ensure that 'Lyin' Jew Johnson is not shot? You do not shoot from the front, because Johnson was travelling in the car behind. How do you ensure that Jewess Jacqueline Kennedy is not shot? You do not fire from either side, nor from the front or back. How do you ensure that President Kennedy is killed? You have to shoot him in the head from very close range. When a shot is fired from a gun, where is the smoke from the gunpowder? At the place of firing.

Congress'man' Albert Thomas perhaps knows more than a little about this plan, as he winks at smilin' 'Lyin'. Mrs. Kennedy has maybe a twinge of remorse here, but Ladybug Johnson appears satisfied with the day's events (like her husband, Ladybug was a rabid Zionist).


"Congressman Johnson used legal and sometimes illegal methods to smuggle hundreds of Jews into Texas, using Galveston as the entry port. ... Johnson smuggled boatloads and planeloads of Jews into Texas." (Source.)

"It is interesting, but not surprising, to note that in all the words written and uttered about the Kennedy assassination, Israel's intelligence service agency, the Mossad, has never been mentioned. And yet a Mossad motive is obvious. On this question, as on almost all others, American reporters cannot bring themselves to cast Israel in an unfavorable light - despite the fact that Mossad complicity is as plausible as any of the other theories." - US Representative Paul Findley, March 1992.

Johnson was a Zionist Jew and hence favourable to Ezra-hell (nuclear weapons of mass destruction given to the enemies of humanity, prolonging and escalating the Vietnam war, allowing the Federal Reserve Bank scam to continue, etc.), whereas President John F. Kennedy saw the Jews for what they are and would have curbed their power and influence (no nuclear weapons allowed to the enemies of humanity, an end to the Vietnam war, abolition of the Federal Reserve Bank, dismantling of the CIA, etc.)

The evidence contained within Zapruder's movie points to the murderess being John Kennedy's own wife, Jacqueline, who placed a small handgun either under JFK's chin or just below his left ear and fired a single, low velocity bullet straight up through his brain.

Johnson & Co. made sure that they captured this moment, by having it filmed from three different perspectives. No doubt this assassination is gleefully watched by the offspring of the Devil, behind closed doors, to this day.



Cushman, D.A., 2008, "Single shot Pistols and Derringers," accessed 2nd September 2008.

Rami, A., 2003, "1000 Quotes by and about Jews," numbers 301-350, accessed 1st September 2008.

Zavada, R.J., 1998, "Dissecting the Zapruder Bell & Howell 8mm Movie Camera," accessed 1st September 2008.



This research stemmed from an e-mail discussion between myself and Bernie Brauer of Canada. I am indebited to Bernie for his encouragement, opinions, support and enthusiasm.



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