# @(#)Changelog    1.0.5 20/03/2014 Copyright 2003-2014 Robert M. Stockmann

* 20 mar 2014 - Release of MP3 Rip-Kit version 1.0.5
  the performers of tracks are added as tc comments inside lame. 
  Added a manual operations section. README updated. For Mandriva 
  2011 an adjusted cdrdao has been created and 
  lame-3.98.4-1-mdv2011.0 is supplied. Advised is to use cdda2wav for 
  Mandriva 2011 from the ossdvd project: 

* 25 oct 2006 - Release of MP3 Rip-Kit version 1.0.4
  The multithreaded lame mp3 encoding has been expanded
  with ID3 tag options, so that most popular mp3 players
  and software display full details about title, artist and album.

* 29 jan 2005 - Release of MP3 Rip-Kit version 1.0.3
  rename.sh adjusted to prevent empty CDDB Song Title strings
  to copy all files into a single mp3 file called ".mp3"

* 20 oct 2004 - Release of MP3 Rip-Kit version 1.0.2
  Updates inside the README and Makefile on how to use the ATA driven
  I/O of both cdrdao and cdda2wav and the adjusted selection of your AUDIO
  CDROM READER device to use ATA I/O

* 18 may 2003 - Release of MP3 Rip-Kit version 1.0.1
  Fixes inside scripting and Makefile are implemented due to CDDB audio 
  CD-TEXT entry's which contain illegal characters. These are upon further
  processing first removed. 
  The .toc file is now not removed anymore, but permanently saved as

* 17 may 2003 - Initial release of MP3 Rip-Kit version 1.0.0
  The kit consist of a Makefile and several /bin/sh scripts. A generic
  patch for cdrdao 1.1.5 or higher is supplied. The patch changes the
  Client NAME and VERSION which are presented to the CDDB audio cd 
  database websites, from "cdrdao" "1.1.x" into "xmcd" "2.6".